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About Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples


The Northern peoples, who have settled in the northern climate, have a traditional and original culture. Among the few Northern People's materials in the world, the materials collected by Hakodate Museum's old collection and the anthropology, archeology, and ethnology authority from Hakodate are the finest materials of northern culture.

Their names are Osamu Baba and Sakuzaemon Kodama, and widely known inside and outside in the world.

Based on the footsteps of their long years of research and studies,Hakodate's world-class materials of northern peoples are introduced here.



Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples collects and displays Northern Ethnic materials, including Ainu peoples in the City Hakodate Museum.




Hakodate Museum Old Collection

This collection was collected by hilanthropists and “Kaitakushi” Hokkaido development commissioner from the Meiji period 12 to 19 (1879~1886) and attracts attention as one of the few existing materials in the world.



Baba Collection

Mr. Baba, a world-renowned author of Northern Ethnic Studies, Energetically surveyed various areas of Sakhalin, Kuril Islands and Hokkaido around 1945 and collected number of materials.
These materials are widely known as“Baba Collection” both at home and abroad. In particular, Ainu materials are designated as important tangible folk cultural properties of the country in 1959 as academically valuable materials worldwide.



Kodama Collection

Former Hokkaido University professor Emeritus Professor Sakuzaemon Kodama invested in investigating and collecting Ainu ethnic materials by investing private property in fear of the loss of materials such as overseas outflows in the Ainu ethnicresearch that required urgent pre and post World War II .
The materials were preciously the basis of research on the Ainu peoples in Japan, and were eventually called the “Kodama Collection” and were studied by Professor Kodama and his family, who were the research family. And it has been introduced in many research institutions.